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1-Day Festival Pass: £45 - For the 11th of June 2022

1-Day Festival Pass: £45 - For the 12th of June 2022

2-Day Festival Pass: £70 - For both the 11th and 12th of June 2022

All Festival Pass: £75 - For 10th, 11th and 12th of June 2022


Alternatively, single tickets cost £12.50 for each individual talk.

Purchase two tickets to one talk for £11 each, 3 or more for £10 each.

   Early Bird price if bought before the 10th May 2022 - £9.50 each  


Buying your Tickets:

To purchase your tickets from the secure site please scroll down this page and click on the speaker(s) you wish to see.


To book by telephone please call the Box Office on: 0333 666 3366.

(This new box office number qualifies as inclusive call minute packages for mobiles and landlines)


Tickets are strictly limited so book early to avoid disappointment.


Please note:

A booking fee will be added by the ticket company ‘TicketSource’ when you buy online or via the ticket telephone line.

50% of these fees have been paid by The Lewes Speakers Festival and so the fee will amount to no more than a maximum of 5% of the price of the ticket(s). This percentage decreases if you spend more than £25.

To keep the fee to a minimum please book online and print your tickets out at home. This is free of charge.

Alternatively, TicketSource add £1.50 to the booking fee for tickets to be sent to you by post.

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ALL EVENT PASS - Friday 10th, Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th June 2022


 Friday 10th June 2022 

Friday 10th June 17.30 – 18.50 Colin Thubron The Amur River: Between Russia and China

Friday 10th June 19.10 – 20.20 Alan Johnson The Late Train to Gipsy Hill

Saturday 11th June 2022 

ALL DAY PASS - Saturday 11th 2022

Saturday 11th June 9.50 – 11.00 Tim Marshall The Power of Geography: Ten Maps that Reveal the Future of Our World

Saturday 11th June 11.20 – 12.30 Iain Dale Why Can’t We All Just Get Along: Shout Less. Listen More.

Saturday 11th June 12.50 - 14.00 Fatima Manji Hidden Heritage: Rediscovering Britain’s Lost Love of the Orient

Saturday 11th June 14.20 – 15.30 Esther Freud I Couldn't Love You More: Esther Freud

Saturday 11th June 15.50 – 17.00 Sandy Gall and Carlotta Gall Afghan Napoleon: The Life of Ahmad Shah Massoud

Saturday 11th June 17.20 – 18.30 Gavin Esler How Britain Ends: English Nationalism and the Rebirth of Four Nations

Saturday 11th June 18.50 – 20.00 James O’Brien How Not To Be Wrong: The Art of Changing Your Mind 

Sunday 12th June 2022 

ALL DAY PASS - Sunday 12th 2022

Sunday 12th June 9.50 - 11.00 Denis MacShane Must Labour Always Lose? 

Sunday 12th June 11.20 - 12.30 Ian Williams Every Breath You Take:- China's New Tyranny

Sunday 12th June 12.50 - 14.00 Wing Commander Mike Sutton Typhoon

Sunday 12th June 14.20 – 15.30 Andrew Monaghan Russian Grand Strategy in the Era of Global Power Competition

Sunday 12th June 15.50 – 17.00 Yasmin Alibhai Brown Ladies Who Punch: Fifty Trailblazing Women Whose Stories You Should Know

Sunday 12th June 17.20 - 18.30 Andrew Lownie Traitor King: The Scandalous Exile of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor

Sunday 12th June 18.50 – 20.00 Professor A C Grayling Technology, Climate, Justice and Rights: Can We Get The Whole World To Agree On Any Of Them?